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Rocco's Tavern - The official word thread
WooDChuCk wrote on 06/28/17 at 18:06:07:


Rocco's Tavern - Landmark - Playing.
Actually I've stopped playing everything but CS and that's not all the time. I usually just hit casual and play a few matches.  Work is taking up most of my time now, I'm really enjoying working for IBM Cyber Security. Hope everyone is well.
Rocco's Tavern - What it is?
I'm playing a little, recently changed to Linux fully and CS plays alright on it.  The biggest issue I have is that I need to quit out of CS at the end of every match to make sure I don't get funky sound issues.

The new ranking system is interesting, I'm not very far along though I think Private 3 but I'm still playing once in a while

WooDChuCk wrote on 04/30/15 at 17:04:39:
I'm alive & still playing cs:go. I'm currently a badge, but I've started to troll in matches little bit.

I'm just having fun, I spend a lot of time in smoke nades waiting for players to walk by so i can stab them. I often get them to rage quit, so its a success. Still check the forums but never felt like replying until I had a reason (which is today)

Glad to see you're well

WooDChuCk wrote on 01/21/14 at 22:11:29:

Grand Tetons

Rocco's Tavern - Well Hello!
WooDChuCk wrote on 07/13/13 at 17:15:37:
i check the forums everyday believe it or not, although i don't ever post anymore, or hell it took me awhile to respond to this. although I missed it i check the forums and i just didnt see this thread. Oh well. Nice to say hello  

I still check the forums, I still play counter strike a ton too.  I miss the hell out of everyone.  If you have a chance try out CS:GO it's so freaking fun.  One day I hope to see people come back, but I think at this moment people have real life to deal with.

Counter Strike - counter Strike - Go
fujigolf wrote on 11/10/12 at 15:35:55:

downloaded and im on steam again nightly.  Would like to catch up and frag with ya fellas.

Hey fuj, I will play soon if I can.  I'm busy with work, and I'm playing EQ again a bit.  I hope to see you soon

Counter Strike - Some idiots that go by Winamp.
WooDChuCk wrote on 09/21/12 at 21:49:45:
thanks zorgie

np, I love CS:GO I think it really is awesome.  They need to fix a few things still... The voting system, they need to add sprays because people complain about that a lot.  In general though if you get into it, this game when it finally takes hold (like how long it took people to switch from older versions to newer versions of CS) will get a big following I think.

It took me and I believe a few others back in the day that where [DP] to switch from 1.5 to 1.6, I refused to download steam for a while.  Then when 1.5 just wasn't being supported easily anymore I gave in and downloaded steam (Justice at the time talked me into it.) and I moved to Steam.  Then, it took me a while to switch to Source.  It looks like this time around though I'm ahead of the curve instead of way behind it.. hehe

So if you see me around Wood, or if you haven't added me .. my steamid that you can add is ... cszorg .. now....  I think you're in my list tho.  If you've got the game jump in and lets knife some peeps together

Counter Strike - My impressions so far.
Hey there,

So far I really love CS:GO.  It's pretty freaking sweet really.  It's been weird getting used to but if you haven't played it and you would like that old CS feel.  The maps feel the same, game play feels a little loose when you start out but once you get a hang of the game it's pretty awesome.  I LOVE the knifing.

The only issues right now seem like they have to do with hit reg and lag in general.  There are a ton of servers and a lot of people playing at the moment.

Give it a shot if you haven't, I recently stopped playing on my laptop and went to my original machine and wow... I'm rockin it now

Hope to see you all in there.
Counter Strike - Playing a bit again.
downloading cs:go right now!
Rocco's Tavern - RIP Daddy Crush

skifree, huck, and fuji still play some. although ski and jugi havent been on in like two weeks

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