Code of Conduct
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Full mission statement:

Tavern Heroes - Virtual community, genuine friends.

Tavern Heroes embody unparalleled loyalty; we are friends and family sharing a common goal – having fun. But dig a little deeper and you will discover that our comradery is unique. We band together playing various games and competing as warriors, as countrymen, as brothers. As we die and bleed in the fields of battle, we fight together as FRIENDS.

Section One:

The foundation of Tavern Heroes Code of Conduct is made up of two different concepts. To establish a common mind set, it is important for all the members to understand the difference between things that are encouraged and rules. This is to set a standard for the guild as a whole.

Section Two:

Though this Code of Conduct is explicit, it is never-the-less only a tool and is always open for interpretation by the Guild Leader and the Officers. At no time shall the Code of Conduct be used as a weapon against the Guild Leader or the Officers in attempt for an individual to undermine the guild as a whole. Tavern Heroes is not a strong dictatorship, but does have a solid leadership structure and though members might see flaws within this structure, membership is in itself an acceptance to follow its standards. In addition, the code of conduct will change with Tavern Heroes. It is a living document that will reflect the beliefs of the guild, which change as time goes on.

* ENCOURAGED: These are behaviors, which reflect well on a given member, and do pride to the overall guild. Things that are encouraged are not expected from the member, but overly doing the opposite can make a member poorly reviewed by the officers and possibly removed.

Example: It is encouraged that all guild members take an active role in helping other members and regulars with issues with Computer support and keeping our machines running well. But those who keep taking the help and not offering help of anykind is not good and can result in the leadership convening to see if that person is still "Tavern Heroes" material.

Example: It is encouraged that an officer performs an active role in guild matters as deemed necessary by the Guild Leader (being active does not necessarily mean the member must be publicly vocal). Extreme inactivity or inability to participate in guild matters may warrant a request to step down from the office.

* RULES: Rules are things that are grounds for removal from the guild. Generally the Guild Leader would be removing a person for a breach of a rule or has the right to either bring in the officers for review of the breach or give a warning. Rules broken can damage the guild’s reputation and/or cause overall loss of trust and unity within the guild.

Example: It is a rule that everyone treat each other with respect. A loss of temper and words exchanged during a match/scrim/Raids where things go bad is not acceptable and undermines the continuity of the guild.

Example: It is a rule that one acts with honesty and integrity with all other members or non-members regardless of rank.

Section Three:
Why a Code of Conduct?

* Being that Tavern Heroes is made up of many diverse players of different ages, mindsets and customs, there are certain guidelines that need to be in place within the guild to make sure that people are not made to feel uncomfortable in the game.

* Though there are different ranks and responsibilities that members hold within Tavern Heroes, a player should never be in a position of being made to feel inferior to another player.

* Since Tavern Heroes will be dealing with many other guilds, it is important to achieve and maintain a good rapport and reputation.

* A Code of Conduct promotes trust and unity within a set of people.

Section Four:
Violation of the Code of Conduct

Members violating this Code of Conduct are subject to discipline from the Leader. Most commonly, members will not be subject to immediate discipline without discussion between officers. Its is the intention of the Leader not to make rash decisions and to check with our peers before exacting discipline upon someone. Exceptions may occur, but as a matter of policy members will be warned about their actions.

Discipline will range from a warning, a request to leave an event, l and ultimately guild removal. Tavern Heroes looks upon guild removal as the final, regrettable solution to extreme or repeated violation of the Code of Conduct.

This Code of Conduct is not definitive and all-inclusive. Every possible action will not be detailed here. Members are expected to understand not only the specific rules and examples here, but also the intention of this Code Of Conduct. The intent of this Code is to encourage members to be a team or a family so that we may achieve great things together and enjoy ourselves in the game and each other's company in the process.

Section Five:
Common Decency

1. All members regardless of rank will not verbally degrade, abuse, or intimidate any other player in the game. (Rule)

2. All members regardless of rank will not ridicule or belittle any other member’s ideas. Disagreements and debates will always occur given the wide variety of views and personalities, but regardless lack respect for another’s ideas and personal attacks in attempt to win an argument is not acceptable. (Rule)

3. All members will always be honest and trusting to one another.(Rule)

4. No member is expected to drop what they are doing to aid another member. Regardless though, if help is asked and can not be given for whatever reason, then an answer explaining why shall be returned. Tavern Heroes is a family and shall not intentionally ignore one another, but the requestor also needs to take into account that the person they are asking for help from might be “afk” or simply unavailbe/unable. Always assume good intent. (Encouraged).

Section Six:
Internet Decency

1. All members will refrain from “Spamming” on any net whether it is the game server, vent/TS, forums, voice chat, or any other channel. (Rule)

2. All members will refrain from having open arguments between one another on any channel. Take it to IM , PM or Rants section in forums, but remember we are all part of the same team so do not take it too far. (Rule)

3. All members are expected to support one another’s ideals vs non-guild members within reason. (Encouraged)

Section Seven:
Admin Usage

1. All guild members will use admin with utmost respect and not misuse it (Rule)

2. Guild members should not use admin against any other guild member for any reason (Encouraged)

3. Banning should be a last option . Use the other forms of admin before resorting to a drastic matter (Encouraged)

Section Eight:
Violation of TH's Code of Conduct

No guild member may purposefully and/or repeatedly violate any part of the code of conduct for the Tavern Heroes. (Rule)

Section Nine:
Event attendance

* Given the needs of the guild at a particular moment, the expectation of attendance can vary. Certain events may be declared more important and participation may be strongly encouraged or expected to these events. Since the needs of the guild are always changing, be sure to keep up with these changes as they are declared by the guild leaders.

* Mandatory events are those that are deemed a guild priority where the greatest benefit to the guild will occur. It is expected that guild members make every attempt to attend these functions

* Any member (including officers and trial members) can request to be excused from an event. This is highly discouraged from trial members and it will be rarely approved for them. In practice, it should be a rare occurrence for an officer. Members should understand that just because they request this, it may not be granted. It is the responsibility of the leader to address these requests on a case-by-case basis and approve or deny them based on the requirements of the event. If a member notices another member is not at an event, the leader should be contacted and not the member absent from the event. In most cases, the leader will know the situation and in all cases it is the responsibility of the leader to address it. (Rule)

* We understand that real life circumstances may cause an individual’s playing time to suffer, and as long as players show honesty and a willingness to be a part of the team, they will remain in good standing. (Rule)

* All events will be posted at the soonest possible time of notification

* Visitors/Guests of Tavern Heroes. All visitors/guests of Tavern Heroes on all major events are bound by this Code of Conduct. Invited visitors/guests are to be treated as members of the guild for the duration of the event for which they were invited, and are bound by all of the rules set forth herein. If any member or visitor/guest violates the rules bound in the Code of Conduct, the person(s) involved may be asked to leave the event by the leader. (Rule)

Section Ten:
Member Responsibilities

To be considered a member in good standing and be most eligible for rewards a member has certain responsibilities to the guild. Some of these responsibilities are required and others are encouraged because they strengthen the guild.

- Events will be tracked for member attendance. These attendance lists will be posted publicly and members are to check their attendance and be sure they are counted for all events. (Encouraged)

- Officers will be assigned to track attendance.

- Trial members will be posted in the Applicant area of the guild forums. Members should check this forum regularly and post relevant information regarding new guild recruits in this area. (Encouraged)

- The Guild is Your Family. It is understood that in a guild of this size that we have people with a wide variety of personalities and opinions. While this is something that makes us stronger, realistically conflicts will sometimes occur. Members should remember that even if at one moment a difference of opinion has arisen, in the long run their guildmates are part of their team.

1. If a conflict with another member occurs, try and keep in mind that your guildmates are part of your team and not someone you should intentionally harm with harsh words over what is often a minor incident or philisophical difference. (Expectation)

2. Much as removal from the guild is the ultimate punishment for violations of this Code of Conduct, members should know that removing themselves from the guild is a serious act. On a case-by-case basis, leadership will address self guild removal as a statement of either extreme drama for attention or an act of disloyalty to the guild. (Expectation)

3. Repeated self-removal will result in permanent guild removal. (Rule)

- Remember to stay active in forums and with members. Time for games comes and goes, but your friends should always be a priority.


Section Eleven:
Policy on Members Returning Following Extended Absences

1. Any member who "disappears" for more than three months is subject to removal from the guild at any time. "Disappears" is defined as that member not being seen by a significant number of guild members during that time, and knowledge of their whereabouts and intentions is not readily available (nobody knows what's up with the player). (This is intended to be fairly subjective.)

2. This kind of removal will be based on leadership decision (we'll do a officer-only vote). Member input may be gathered before a vote is held. (Friends should be asked, etc.)

3. If the former member returns after such a removal, or if a former member returns without a tag for any reason, their case will be reviewed by leadership before a new tag and admission to the board will be allowed.

4. Procedure for readmission is this: Re-apply on web site through a post on the public board. Leadership reviews the case. One of the following actions will be taken: A) Member is readmitted without further action. B) Member is given a "trial" membership. C) Member is denied readmission.

5. In the event of a "trial" membership, this is handled much like a normal trial membership. 30 days trial, although NO vote will be held by members , and the returning member is *expected* to be a visible part of the community.

6. If the returning member fails to make a presence during their trial membership, their trial membership may be terminated. (Active participation is expected.)

7. (Important!) No vote is held for returning members in this process. Either they make a presence and are re-accepted into the guild, or they fail to make a presence and are denied readmission (guild tag is removed).

8. In the event that a member has to leave for an extended period, they can notify an officer, and they will not be removed while they are gone, unless they're gone for much longer than the stated period.

- In short, a returning member must demonstrate that they are "back in the game".


Section Twelve:
The following is encouraged behavior for all members:

- The most important thing is to HAVE FUN and enjoy each others company!

- This is not a game based community.... It is Friend based!

- Friends for life.